Astell&Kern SA700 Case

Bijpassende luxe leren case voor bescherming van de Astell&Kern SA700. Prachtig gemaakt in drie leersoorten, door drie verschillende Italiaanse leerspecialisten. In de kleuren (Pueblo) Poppy Red, (Kansas) Viridian Green en (Toscano) Neo Black.




The SA700 Leather Case compliments the string bridge inspired volume knob protector and LED light design of the SA700 and is available in 3 colors – Poppy Red, Viridian Green and Neo Black.

The SA700 Leather Case is made to enhance the beauty of the player, adding visual unification, while giving proper protection including heat ventilation through the “A” logo pattern found on the back plate of each case.

The Poppy Red case has a stainless steel backing, uses Pueblo vegetable tanned leather and is produced by BADALASSI CARLO. This Pueblo leather is their top grade, it is full grain and has a nice supple feel with a small amount of firmness. This leather has a unique rustic look that adds beautiful depth to the leather and makes for an amazing patina as it ages. The leather is dyed completely through and has a nice soft flesh side.

The Viridian Green case has a stainless steel backing and uses Kansas leather from CONCERIA WALPIER which is softly processed on crusts that have been dyed with vegetable tanned leather, then coated with fine oil on the surface. The dying process is the same as that of Buttero leather, but with the addition of oil to the finish which allows for a slightly softer color to be expressed.

The Neo Black case has an onyx black back plate and uses Toscano leather from NUOVA ALBORA. Toscano leather is soft luxury leather that undergoes a vegetable processing method which produces natural patterns and lines on the leather’s surface.

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Poppy Red, Viridian Green, Neo Black