iFi Audio AC iPurifier

De iFi AC iPurifier wordt gebruikt als lichtnetreiniging in de stekkerdoos of in de wandcontactdoos. Zijn Active Noise Cancellation circuit vermindert lichtnetvervuiling met meer dan 40dB over een grote bandbreedte. De AC iPurifier kan in ieder systeem worden toegepast. In systemen met veel verschillende (schakelende)  voedingen kan het nuttig zijn om meerdere exemplaren te gebruiken. Intelligent Polarity detecteert of de plug op de juiste manier in het lichtnet is gestoken en Intelligent Earth controleert of het systeem geaard is voordat de extra aan te sluiten hoogwaardige aardverbinding actief wordt. Tevens biedt de AC iPurifier extra bescherming tegen overspanningspieken.


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iFi AC iPurifier is designed to clean-up noisy mains supplies to audio systems. But this is no ordinary mains purification product. Technologically advanced, it’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) circuitry can eliminate far more noise across the frequency range than other passive devices. At -40dB the difference is as pronounced as night and day.

The iFi AC iPurifier is clever too. When used with EU type mains plug, its Intelligent Polarity feature will automatically tell you whether you’ve got them plugged in the right way for whichever country you’re in. A green LED indicates you have, a red LED means you haven’t. It also has an Intelligent Ground feature that it will check that your existing system isn’t already earthed before its own high quality Ground/Earth becomes active to avoid creating a ground loop.

Pure Silence, Pure Music, Pure Joy

iFi AC iPurifier has been designed to be used in any mains-powered audio setup. It is particularly good at dealing with modern audio systems which typically use a plethora of mains plugs, all of which add noise and pollution the local mains supply. Due to its modular design, the AC iPurifier is even more effective if several are used to ‘contain’ the same type of noisy sources. Where extension blocks (sockets) are used, it can isolate certain types of power supplies for maximum noise reduction. You can insert it into the AC mains wall outlet that supplies the audio system and/or into the mains extension block for the audio system. Try both locations to discover which has the greatest impact. It’s no surprise that all of iFi iPower products, right up to the iFi micro iUSB3.0, now feature its in-house designed Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system.
Last but not least, for the rare instances where there is an overvoltage spike, for example a mains power surge or lightning strike, the iFi AC iPurifier will automatically shut off and stop electricity from passing through your system. This should protect your valuable and highly-sensitive mains equipment from harm.
The AC iPurifier targets every noise source, is simple to use and clever in action. If you think of mains power as the ‘gasoline’ fuelling your audio system, the AC iPurifier ensures that it’s getting a clean, super premium blend to deliver the best possible audio fidelity.

Key features:

advanced noise cancellation system
wireless purification system that reduces powerline noise
ground/earth connection diagnostic
polarity connection diagnostic
earth connection with ground-loop prevention circuit built-in
overvoltage surge protection

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Afmetingen 20 × 9 × 8 cm