Lotoo PAW S1

De Lotoo PAW S1 is een lichte en compacte portable hoofdtelefoonversterker met een ingebouwde USB-DAC. De PAW S1 is geschikt voor gebruik met je telefoon, tablet of laptop, en communiceert met Windows, Mac, Android en iOS. De AKM DAC zorgt voor veel ruimte en plaatsing en heeft een maximale resolutie van 32bit en 384KHz PCM en DSD128. Het vermogen bedraagt 70mW per kanaal bij 32Ohm (gebalanceerd 4.4mm PentaConn: 120mW). Voor een optimale connectiviteit wordt er bij de Lotoo PAW S1 een korte USB type C naar type C kabel meegeleverd inclusief een USB Type C naar A adapter. Als extra is een directe adapter leverbaar van USB Type-C naar Lightning.


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Technical Specifications:

>High-Performance DAC Chipset.

>PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz, DSD up to DSD128 Natively.

>Dual Output Ports, 3.5mm Single-Ended, 4.4mm Balanced.

>Output Power(3.5mm): 70mW/ch @ 32 Ohms.

>Output Power(4.4mm): 120mW/ch @ 32 Ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Signal to Noise Ratio(3.5mm): 123dB.

>Signal to Noise Ratio(4.4mm): 122dB.

>Noise Level(3.5mm): -118dBu.

>Noise Level(4.4mm): -114dBu

>OLED Display with 128×32 display resolution.

>Dual Gain Mode: Low and High Gain.

>THD+N(Low Gain): -106dB(0.0005%).

>THD+N(High Gain): -108dB(0.0004%).


>Firmware Update: Supported.

Lotoo is a premium brand based in China that manufacture top of the line products, their DAP’s are highly acclaimed by audiophiles from all around the globe. They have released a USB Type-C DAC/AMP, the Lotoo PAW S1. It provides a similar high-class performance similar to the TOTL DAPs from the brands.

High-Performance USB DAC Chipset:-
Lotoo Paw S1 features a high-performance DAC Chipset that provides the users with an unmatched crisp sound output. The DAC is paired with a standalone AMP chip OPA1622, that provides ample amplification to drive your headphones and IEM with ease. The Paw S1 is capable of decoding PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz, and DSD up to DSD128 natively.

Low Distortion and Noise Free Background:-
Lotoo Paw S1 has a THD+N rating of -108dB, and a background noise rating of -118dBu. The S1 provides a clean, dark background that is completely noise and jitter-free. Even the minutest of the details in your music will pop out without any distortion.

Dual Output Ports:-
Lotoo Paw S1 houses dual audio output ports, one 3.5mm single-ended port, and one 4.4 mm balanced output port. The single-ended output port has a power rating of up to 70mW/ch @ 32 ohms of the load while the 4.4mm balanced port gives a power of up to 120mW/ch @ 32 ohms of the load. It provides enough juice to power your headphones and IEM’s with ease.

Exquisite Built:-
Lotoo is famous for its exquisitely built products, all their DAP’s have a premium and rich feel and look. The Paw S1 is also not an exception, it is made with CNC Aluminium material with an OLED display in the front, while the media keys are on the sides and output ports at the bottom.

OLED Display:-
Lotoo Paw S1 features an OLED display on the front that displays active PCM/DSD format type, volume level, low/high gain mode, and active EQ type. It is the first USB Type-C DAC/AMP with an OLED Display.

Built-in EQ/ATE:-
Lotoo DAP’s have TOTL sound quality and built-in EQ/ATE settings, the Paw S1 features the same. Users can choose from a variety of EQ/ATE settings to suit their sound preferences.

Plug and Play:-
Lotoo Paw S1 features plug and play support, User’s don’t need to install any drivers on PC/Smartphones, just plug the S1 into Type-C port and it is ready to use. It supports Android, iOS, MAC, Windows straight out of the box.

Package Contents:-
>Lotoo Paw S1 USB Type-C DAC/AMP.

>User Guide.