Niimbus US4

Niimbus is het topmerk van Lake People. Ontwerper Fried Reim van Lake People heeft 30 jaar ervaring in de professionele wereld en is ook bekend van de succesvolle Violectric consumentenlijn. In de Niimbus US4 is al deze ervaring samengebracht in een ultieme hoofdtelefoonversterker. De Niimbus US4 is gebaseerd op de ervaringen die zijn opgedaan bij de ontwikkeling van de bekende Violectric V281, maar het circuit is volledig nieuw ontworpen. De Niimbus US4 valt op door zijn natuurlijke klank (ook in het laag), veel ruimte en vanzelfsprekende detaillering. Mede door het lage ruisniveau is het dynamisch bereik zeer overtuigend. Er is ook een versie met een ingebouwde lijn voorversterker (incl. relaisgestuurde AB), de Niimbus US4+.


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Niimbus, the new high-end brand from the engineers of Lake People.
The US 4 model has three headphone connection options, one balanced and two unbalanced. Reduced to the essentials, there are rear buttons to switch between balanced and unbalanced inputs and adjust the pre-gain to match the headphones.
Based on the experiences of more than three decades of Lake People development, as well as the technical and optical demands of the Violectric brand raised to a new, previously unknown quality level, the name extension of the Niimbus devices is therefore logically “Ultimate Series”. Devices with the Niimbus label stand for a special design, extraordinary technology and uncompromising quality – of course “Handmade in Germany”. Niimbus US 4 and US 4+ represent the uncompromising further development of the recognized, high-quality headphone amplifiers from Violectric. During the three years of development work, no compromises were made in circuit design, components or materials to create a headphone amplifier with outstanding audiophile properties. The completely newly developed channel-separated and 100% analog amplifier circuit has hand-selected audiophile components and has been optimized for lowest noise and highest performance even on particularly low-impedance headphones. In combination with the oversized power supply and the associated high supply voltage, you get an extremely detailed and tidy sound image, which plays absolutely relaxed in every setting and with every headphone and represents every nuance of the music.

Color: Black
Headphone Out: 1 (bal., XLR 4-pole), 2
Chassis: Desktop
Amplifier Channels: 2
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): > 129 dB (A-gew.)
Additional Features: Several Protection circuits
Frequency range: 0 – 200 kHz (-0,5 dB)
Input impedance: < 15 Ohm
Inputs / Outputs: 2 / 2 (bal. RCA), 2 / 2 (bal. XLR)
Max. output level:
32,4 dBu (600 Ohm) | 30,4 dBu (100 Ohm) | 27,7 dBu (50 Ohm) | 24,8 dBu (32 Ohm) | 19,4 dBu (16 Ohm) | 13,3 dBu (32 Ohm) | 7,3 dBu (16 Ohm)
Crosstalk: -106 dB (1 kHz) | -105 dB (15 kHz)
Total-harmonic-distortion (THD): 0,00063 % (@ 10V/100 Ohm, 1W) | 0,00071 % (@ 4V/32 Ohm, 0,5W)
Weight: 7,00 kg

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