Violectric optionele Coax 24/192 DAC-module

24 Bit/192 kHz DAC-module met coaxiale digitale input.

Toepasbaar in combinatie met HPA V100/V181/V200/V280/V220/V281


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Coaxial digital input with 24 Bit / 192 kHz
for HPA V100 / V181 / V200 / V220 / V281

With this circuit it is possible to provide a coaxial digital input for all headphone amps except V90.

The coaxial digital input can be used to connect a digital device with a coaxial digital
output (often called “S/P-DIF”) like CD/DVD-Players or computers.
PCM coded 2-channel digital data with sampling rates from 28 … 210 kHz are supported.
The electrical characteristics meets the S/P-DIF standard while the incoming data may be “professional” or “consumer” coded.

The USB receiver forwards the data to a separate D/A converter offering 115 dB dynamic range and –103 dB THD+N with outstanding sound because of the carfully designed analog output stage.

The converted digital data has priority over all other analog inputs and will mute these when valid data is received.

In case of ordering a headphone amp and the COAX input at the same time,
the headphone amp will be delivered with the COAX option installed in place.

Delivered afterwards, retrofitting is easily done and consists of pluging and screwing.
The installation manual can be mailed in advance on request.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 0.2 kg
Afmetingen 23 × 16 × 6 cm