Crescendo Hearing Protection

Gehoorbescherming ontworpen voor muzikanten, muziekliefhebbers en concertgangers. D.m.v. gepatenteerde technologie worden alle frequenties gelijkmatig verzwakt, waardoor het originele geluid naar een veilig niveau wordt teruggebracht maar niet wordt aangetast.




Music Serie

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Crescendo Home

‘Drummer’, ‘Vocals’, ‘Guitar’, ‘DJ’ and ‘Woodwind’ are part of the Crescendo Pro Music range. These products provide state of the art hearing protection as they contain filters that are designed to be used by professional musicians in custom earmoulds.
The Pro Music range provides a tuned, flat attenuation response so all frequencies are reduced by almost the same level, great for music as the listener loses nothing of the original sound, it’s just brought down to a safe level, making Crescendo Pro Music the best high fidelity universal ear tips on the market.

The ‘Music’ and ‘Dance’ will already amaze you with the sound quality and comfort of wearing, especially if you are used to disposable foam or hearing protection with tube sized filters which provide typically a muffled sound.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 0.2 kg
Afmetingen 20 × 10 × 5 cm

15 dB Woodwind, 25 dB Drummer